About Subhankar Roy

words by Aakash

Subhankar is a complicated, philosophical genius to me. I will not talk about his photography and creativity, because I’m not a photography person. So… let’s talk about a philosopher…!!! I think whatever work you do, your philosophy about life must be seen in that. Subhankar is such a person whose deep, calm philosophy is seen in every prospect of his works. And it will touch every other person.

Some people can find him as a very rough person. But I must say, sometime you must be strict to choose your priority. And you can’t make all people happy at the same time. I know my friend always prioritize the right way. And I have belief in him in that case. Some people say great words, but do not follow them in their own life. But, Subhankar my bro, my friend only says those words what he had fulfilled, nothing else. That makes him greater person among all.

At the end, I will not say him to ‘carry on’ or some other crap wishes. I know he will. Because he has the strongest arsenal in this mortal world – “color”. His mighty color of creativity will not fade with time. So, my strict, complicated, philosopher friend say with me- “Long live the color”. All love to you.

words by Nirupam

Though I know Subho since my childhood days, I didn’t know him more than a calm, introvert classmate more comfortable with his own self-created imaginary world. After a long gap of 8 years since we’ve been apart after our school days, I came to him to discuss photography. I have a camera and I love to click. But while shooting I found myself in the midst of nowhere; why I’m clicking, why a photograph is a good photograph? These questions used to keep popping up in my head. When I told him about this, he said to me, “Don’t think while taking it. Just follow your heart.”

I kept on asking “Why?” He then told me, a calm and steady heart always shows us the beauty but man gets over it. The work of a photographer is to listen to his heart and paint that feeling using the camera.”

In today’s world I have found a very handful of men who say like this. According to me Subhankar Roy is more a philosopher than a photographer, “As time comes and go by man will come and perish in this world, but the recreation of nature will be praised till the end of mankind”- he said.” So come and follow how the soul wants to show us and try, just try to recreate it.”

words by Avishek

I would not define Subhankar by only his photography, painting or designing. I will define him as a pathfinder. From the beginning whoever has come to him about the questions on photography, he always told them to analyze themselves. Only a good camera cannot make a good photo, good photo needs the inner peace. His words towards every amateur were, “Photography should be your natural habit like hunger, sleep, laughter and cry.”

Means, Photo should be from your heart not from your brain. Apart from this I would like to say about subho’s dedication in the field of photography or painting. I have seen him contributing his best in Macro, Street, Candid, Wedding, Fashion, Nude, Naked, Art, Outdoor, Indoor, Night, Landscape, Portrait and any other types of photography. I have seen him spending 24 hours for just good photographs. This hard work also reflects in the works of SRP studio team.

I don’t know how much I am able to define him. Because he always tells me, “Make your every work a perfect work. Maybe it’s a small work or maybe it’s a big one. Maintain its beauty proportion at your best.” This is the reason; he is doing his work simultaneously on Line Art to Graffiti and Comics. So, I would not call him a photographer. “He is mad about art and diehard fan of art.”